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Twice - TWICE Fanmeeting [Once Begins] Blu Ray

Brand: Twice
Product Code: D0278
Pre Order
Price: Rp 710,000

Description :  Fan Meeting - Blu Ray Format


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PO Type SPEC PO: Close 26 SEPTEMBER 2018
Release 29 November 2018
Details 2-Disc Blu-ray I 32p Photo Summary I Sticker
Tracklist DISC 1. TWICE FANMEETING ONCE BEGINS : PART 1 01.OOH-AHH하게 03:05:00 02.미쳤나봐 03.툭하면 톡 04.Talk : 트둥이 다시 보기 05.CHEER UP 06.GAME : 트둥이 노래방 07.소중한 사랑 08.KNOCK KNOCK 09.GAME : 달려라 트둥이 트레인 10.GAME : 트둥트둥 인간 컬링 11.PONYTAIL 12.SIGNAL DISC 2. TWICE FANMEETING ONCE BEGINS : PART 2 / FANMEETING ONCE BEGINS MAKING FILM 01.GAME : 범인을 밝혀라! 02.TT 03.Like a Fool 04.ONE IN A MILLION 05.TITLE MEDLEY 06.FANMEETING ONCE BEGINS MAKING FILM

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