• di GG,aku tuh paling sering beli album,udah 4 album aku beli dan semuanya nyampe CEPET bgt,sesuai yg tertulis,ya 2 minggu maksudnya._.yg pasti gg itu TRUSTED! Semua album&merch nya pasti nyampe di tgn dgn selamat^^
    • Anisa Rafi, Tangerang
  • recomended seller buat beli album kpop.. knp gw ska bli di GG ? sampe nya cepet gak lama haha gw beli album SNSD dsni ampe beli tiket SNSD konser di jakarta jg disni thanks GG !!
    • Molly, Jakarta
  • I got all my Bigbang albums and coll from here. Never late (sometimes faster than promised time), the packaging always nice and save for the product. GG is the only one online shop that I used. Thanks for your indirect support to me to be a VIP
    • Nana, Jakarta

OST - True Beauty (여신강림)

Brand: Various Gasoo
Product Code: C1713
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Price: Rp 355,000

Description :  tvN TV Drama - Official Soundtrack



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Release 25 MARCH 2021
Details Mirror Box I 2-CD I 56p Lyrics & Photobook I Polaroid Card
Poster YES (selama persediaan masih ada)
Tracklist <1CD> CD 1 01.사야 (SAya) - Call Me Maybe 02.유주 (여자친구) - I'm in the Mood for Dancing 03.카더가든 - Happy Ending 04.선재 - I'm Missing You 05.찬희 (SF9) - 그리움 06.하성운 - Fall in You 07.효진 (ONF) - 오늘이 지나기 전에 08.Milky Way 09.Suspension from School 10.Paper Flower 11.Float About 12.Stop It 13.Honey Drop 14.I Warned 15.Strange Makeup 16.Two Tone Sox 17.The Real World in Fairy Tales 18.At The End of Day 19.Beginning of the Day 20.Into the Sorrow 21.Bubble Up 22.My New Birth 23.Trouble Again 24.Different Life 25.Feel Dizzy (CD 2) 01.차은우 - Love so Fine 02.황인엽 - 오늘부터 시작인걸 03.찬희 (SF9) - How Do You Do 04.Tears of the Rain 05.You and My Secret 06.Love Poem 07.Do Not Cheat Again 08.Soft Ice Cream 09.Rockin Street 10.Mehlong 11.Venus 12.No Makeup 13.This Life is Ruined 14.BoomBoom 15.Mystery Box 16.I am Screwed 17.Ignore 18.Are You Happy 19.A Proud Man 20.My Fantastic Star 21.All Day 22.Regret 23.Love Inside 24.Electric Soul 25.Become Goddess

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